Observación de Aves en Puerto Vallarta - El Nogalito Lugar Mágico

Amazing Puerto Vallarta Birdwatching

We invite you to enjoy nature freely with the birdwatch activity.

There are no tours either guides. But there are a lot of ways you can go along to explore or places where you can sit and watch the diversity of birds in Banderas Bay. From the restaurant and the hammock area, you can see and watch a lot of bird spaces while you enjoy tequila or ceviche.

Some of the plants you can find in the park are the Capomo, the Jabillo, the Trumpet and several species of ficus and Bursera. In addition to the cohen and coyol palms that make the jungle a beautiful palm grove. There is also parota, cedar and of course walnut. As for flowers, there are bougainvillea and orchids.

Observación de Aves Puerto Vallarta
Observación de Aves Puerto Vallarta

Among the animals are the nine-banded armadillo, the night badger, the white-nosed coati that is a member of the raccoon family. There are also 4 felines that are the jaguar, ocelot, tigrillos, and jaguarondis.

There are also white-tailed deer, green reptiles, spiny-tailed iguanas, green iguana, and the enchaquirado lizard, crocodiles and a variety of snakes.

As for birds, the Mexican chieftain who is very striking for his bright shades of yellow. This bird builds nests that look like bags up to 70cm long. There is also a tufted magpie that has a long tail and a shrill scream. The blue-footed Alcatraz also known as blue-footed booby or camanay Alcatraz. This is an easy-to-identify seabird because of its sky blue legs.
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